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Outdoor Jacket, pants, backpack by WILDROSES

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Jumper(WS5MJP103), Pants(WS5SPT101), Backpack(WS5MB2101)

│ Description │


  • Jumper: Well-breathable windbreaker by SCHOELLER fabric and mesh on back. Wearable and comfortable by stretchable fabric. (Nylon/Polyurethane=90/10)
    Korea retail price: KRW 218,000

  • Pants: Wooven pants with zordiac point with vivid coloration.  Zipper  and coloration on knees for point and partially embo printed. Strong anti-fouling, water and oil-repellent by Teflon processing. (Nylon/Polyester/Polyurethane=65/22/13)
    Korea retail price: KRW 168,000

  • Backpack: Small size 15L backpack motived by flower and emphasized femininity by round shape pattern.
    By various storage pocket, easy to store goods and have large store space compared to same litter backpack. Efficient to wear for one-day hiking. Able to keep water bottle on side span pocket. Have a rain cover on the bottom for raining day, stick holder on side. (Polyester=100)

    Korea retail price: KRW 128,000



│ Company introduction │

Since Fashion Group Hyungji launched in 1996 under the title of Crocodile Ladies and successfully formed a casual apparel market targeting women aged 30-50, we have taken a lead in the fashion industry as a general fashion company. With an exceptional high quality standard, modern-style designs and attractive prices, we have shown outstanding performances and reached an annual growth over 30%. By recording the highest sales as a single brand for women’s clothing and having the largest distribution network, Hyungji became a success story in the fashion industry.


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Outdoor Jacket_ pants_ backpack by WILDROSES

Outdoor Jacket_ pants_ backpack by WILDROSES

Outdoor Jacket_ pants_ backpack by WILDROSES