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Jumper, short pants by WILDROSES

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Jumper(WS5MJP113), Pants(WS5MPS101)

│ Description │

  • Jumper: Well-breathable and comfortable windbreaker by using jersey mesh and stretchable wooven fabric.
    Wearable and comfortable by stretchable fabric. (Nylon/Polyurethane=83/17)

    Korea retail price: KRW 128,000


  • Pants: Capri pants with unbalanced coloration. Look slim by side coloration on simple design. Trekking pants used feminine color for point. (Nylon/Polyurethane=84/16)
    Korea retail price: KRW 118,000



│ Company introduction │

Since Fashion Group Hyungji launched in 1996 under the title of Crocodile Ladies and successfully formed a casual apparel market targeting women aged 30-50, we have taken a lead in the fashion industry as a general fashion company. With an exceptional high quality standard, modern-style designs and attractive prices, we have shown outstanding performances and reached an annual growth over 30%. By recording the highest sales as a single brand for women’s clothing and having the largest distribution network, Hyungji became a success story in the fashion industry.




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Jumper_ short pants by WILDROSES

Jumper_ short pants by WILDROSES